Thông tin của bài viết này sẽ nói về công ty may mặc renaissance. Nếu bạn đang quan tâm về công ty may mặc renaissance thì hãy cùng phân tích về hạng mục công ty may mặc renaissance trong bài viết The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons này nhé.

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Jim Simons là một nhà toán học và mật mã học đã nhận ra rằng: phép toán phức tạp mà ông sử dụng để phá mã có thể giúp giải thích các mô hình trong thế giới tài chính.

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The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons
The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons

Bên cạnh việc đọc tin tức về The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons mà bạn đang theo dõi này thì bạn có thể khám phá thêm các chủ đề khác mà chúng tôi cập nhật mỗi ngày ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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#mathematician #cracked #Wall #Street #Jim #Simons.


The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons.

công ty may mặc renaissance.

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43 thoughts on “The mathematician who cracked Wall Street | Jim Simons | Tất tần tật những tài liệu về công ty may mặc renaissance chi tiết nhất

  1. bilal siddiqui says:

    It's been said so already by numerous other commentators and I would like to add to their voice:
    shut up and let man speak!

  2. va ha says:

    Seems like the interviewer is hired by the hedgefund to get Mr Simons to STFU whenever he was about to reveal a secret…

  3. Shanmugam says:

    Had it not for the interviewer, it would have been a more interesting discussion. The interviewee who seem to have great wit, story-telling and achiever himself was trying to draw answers from his impeccable career and knowledge and in instances where he was about to arrive at an interesting point, bam! this guy cuts him off right there. In some instances, the interviewer was filling in words at the end of interviewee lines which I found annoying and arrogant (for the lack of better word). I could see his impatience in trying to shoot as many different questions as possible and milk as much one liners as possible. I'm not sure if this guy is a right host for someone with depth and wisdom, may be a good fit to make audience laugh with catchy questions interviewing entertainers who themselves knows how to make audience laugh more than anything!

  4. Judy Fauth says:

    The thoughtful trout pathophysiologically decide because kite comparably argue amid a unequaled asia. tangy, bright geography

  5. Jimmy Ramos says:

    A subdivision algorithm is an iterative prescription for generating of rings starting from some initial data.

  6. Johnny Holland says:

    Good interview and fascinating interview by Chris Anderson. Sorry to the chap(s) below if he happens to be English !

  7. yz yz says:

    Subhanallah, On hadist says Allah give 1 drop knowledge to human from entire ocean in earth , compare with knowledge from Him.

  8. Lawrence Taylor says:

    So….Jim, where did any 'seeds of life' come from? Did they just appear somehow in some random fashion? I tend to lean towards a universe that is not chaotic but organized: evidence-based science. However, to have a big bang there needs to be atoms to combine and become unstable, etc. How were those atoms created? How do you reconcile that? Best regards. L. Taylor

  9. ABINCHI says:

    Interviewer:"can u explain what that work was"
    Haris: No

    What he actually meant: Most people aren't smart enough to understand it

  10. A Word On says:

    My man really started one of the most complex algorithmic based funds and said "don't ask me how" when talking about the birth of stars lmaoooo

  11. AjaySingh Khampa says:

    The person who is sitting on the chair is "THE Jim Simons" so it's extremely difficult to ask him questions. BTW that guy is Chris Anderson (Curator and CEO of TED) the best man for the job, even though he had not been actively involved that role for almost a decade.

  12. 123 says:

    What's really interesting about the Medallion fund is that they won't be trading against any retail order flow as that is all with Citadel, susquehanna etc. So that means all the money they make every year is taking from so called professionals in hedge funds, and sadly our pension funds!

  13. IceMan Kicks says:

    The gabby canvas allegedly dream because faucet effectively license but a narrow euphonium. sudden, selective paste

  14. Abdirahman Mahad says:

    POV: When you beat the little hedge fund cats in the video game and now you have to face the ultimate hedgie boss

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