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Star Citizen IAE 2950 Ngày 9 và đó là RSI với sự ra mắt của Perseus và Polaris có sẵn để mua … cũng có một số tàu tuyệt vời để thử! NGƯỜI …

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Star Citizen IAE 2950 Day 9 RSI - Perseus Vs Polaris
Star Citizen IAE 2950 Day 9 RSI – Perseus Vs Polaris

Bên cạnh việc tìm hiểu nội dung về Star Citizen IAE 2950 Day 9 RSI – Perseus Vs Polaris mà bạn đang tìm kiếm này thì bạn có thể xem và đọc thêm các hạng mục khác mà midwestgraphicsa2.com cập nhật hàng ngày ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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Star Citizen IAE 2950 Day 9 RSI – Perseus Vs Polaris.

giải thưởng polaris.

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  2. Max Mason says:

    i wonder if Jeremy Clarkson knows he has a video game double in star citizen and instead of talking about cars he talks about space ships. also the voice sounds kinda like Richard Hammond, lol.

  3. C P says:

    My god, the audio on this video is horrible. Way too loud and distorted. All of your videos are normally amazing when it comes to audio and everything else. Not sure what happened on this one.

  4. Known says:

    The Perseus and Polaris are very strangely priced imo. Considering the Perseus is just a gun boat with the ability to carry some cargo I feel $675 for it is just way to much as you dont get all that much for that price. Then you have the Polaris which is a smaller full fledge capital class corvette with everything and the kitchen sink, and $750 for that seems like a steal if anything considering its the cheapest capital class ship you can buy currently ( BMM is just a very large ship not technically capital, even that is a steal for its relative size and amenities as well ).

    $550 for the Perseus and $900 for the Polaris is how I feel they should be priced according to what roles they fill and how they are described in the lore of SC. The Perseus isn't self sustaining even for simple hammerhead vs Perseus battels as it will still needs cover since it only has 2×2 S7 manned turrets and some missiles. The Polaris while a seek and destroy corvette, its more than capable of sustaining itself for the long haul, not to mention the ability to repair and re-arm small to medium fighter(s) with its dedicated hanger bay.

  5. blkmrrs3111 says:

    Snagged a Purseus w/ the camo skin. Figured it would pair well with my BMM as an escort. Enjoying the Glaive rn those size 5 weapons are dope

  6. saitama ichigo says:

    great video mate, i hope I win the star runner I've been wanting to play this game for quite a while but i can't afford it its a bit too expensive 😛

  7. 321 says:

    Hey Bored, next time don't say Perseus Vs Polaris in your title and then give us such a weak vs explanation. Do some research talk about the size differences how many guns vs the other, mass etc etc. If you are making an vs video that is.

  8. Kazadâr says:

    I also think the Reclaimer is a good candidate for an upgrade. I don't think it needs a rework, but an upgrade would be nice, as it looks quite dated inside.

  9. Ronnie Brown says:

    I bought the perseus it looks good I like the image of it slicing the hammerhead, but haven been in a fully crewed hammerhead with competent gunners it should be interesting to see how the two match up

  10. BlackHoleOfKnowledge says:

    Alright, this is a post for entry so will be copy-paste sorry to say!

    You have made me quite interested in this game, and would not be opposed to cruise around in a shiny new MSR. 😀

    Thanks for posting and creating this video! Now I will go scour through your other youtube content to post additional comments on…

  11. Ybor Trading Company says:

    My Aurora LX is still my daily driver. No one looks twice at me. Best way to be covert is to be overt.

  12. Chris Stafford says:

    Good video breakdown bud, the Perseus does look good! Thanks for the time and effort put into your videos, keep up the good work!

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