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Video hướng dẫn bạn cách vượt qua Frigid Outskirt và tôi đánh bại hai con creep khó chịu này. Đừng quên xem kênh khác của tôi (Silent Storm) để biết …

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Dark Souls II: Crown Of The Ivory King – BOSS FIGHT – Zallen And Lud, The King's Pets + LOCATION

Bên cạnh việc theo dõi nội dung về Dark Souls II: Crown Of The Ivory King – BOSS FIGHT – Zallen And Lud, The King's Pets + LOCATION mà bạn đang tìm kiếm này thì bạn có thể tìm hiểu thêm những bài viết khác mà chúng tôi cập nhật liên tục ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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Dark Souls II: Crown Of The Ivory King – BOSS FIGHT – Zallen And Lud, The King's Pets + LOCATION.

invory king.

Chúng tôi rất mong với một số kiến thức về invory king mà gửi tới bạn sẽ có thể giúp bạn có thêm một số thông tin mới và hy vọng rằng sẽ hữu ích cho bạn. Xin cảm tạ bạn đã theo dõi kiến thức về invory king của chúng tôi.

45 thoughts on “Dark Souls II: Crown Of The Ivory King – BOSS FIGHT – Zallen And Lud, The King's Pets + LOCATION | Bao quát những tài liệu liên quan invory king mới cập nhật

  1. Ranch Man Tubular Space Sausage says:

    Wild asf game design it's not very intuitive but its unique hoping elden ring has different locations u can travel to outside the 6 legacy dungeons and the surrounding area around them

  2. proxymax123 says:

    I gonna say it
    I can't win the 2 boss in this area

  3. bvb 91 says:

    Where are the horses in this video? She has none…prob killed them all over and over untill they don't spawn anymore.

  4. Shalina Begum says:

    well in the first bonfire go to the the second bonfire but just BEFORE that there is a passage light all the things witha flame butterfly or a torch and it will open up. Inside is a dozen retainers. the garrison ward key (which is the key to the bonfire)is guarded by a flexile sentry ×2 the second one is in the right corner. on the left there is a wall press a or whatever. and walk straight and there you will fond the garrison ward key.

  5. Syntex MainAccAll says:

    i hate this boss who has the Loyce Greatsword can you trade with me i give you a other weapon or item. name on Xbox 360 : ShadowRazor617

  6. Abyss says:

    For anyone who gets lost here just remember to keep the sun on your right so that you can see the faintest of light. This way you'll be generally heading in the right direction

  7. cincameron says:

    Lud and Zallen were tough enough, but going through that storm for a good 4~5 minutes dealing with like 7 deer, who spawn right next to you, is just fucking bull shit. The assholes who made this area in particular need to DIE. If it were half as large, i wouldn't complain, but this is a literal jog every time you die.

    Edit: NG+ attempt like… 70 and still no improvement.

  8. Sándor György says:

    how can that be, they kill me by 2 hit and i have sl200 fully upgraded armor and on normal game, and im barely making damage on them with +5 aged smelter, this guy is on ng+7 and killing the boss by 10 hit, and the boss is making damage like 5-10% of his hp ?! what build is this?

  9. sakke simonen says:

    I hate this AREA! Last time I was in that god forsaken place with Vengarl who is by the way awesome I killed about 30 of these god damn reindeers and suddenly at the bottom of my screen was a text "Task complete. Phantom Returned to his world" and I didnt even find the boss. Im in NG++

  10. Andre says:

    Man, Frigid Outskirts sucks. Too long road to the boss, you can't see a shit, and there are lots of those annoying giant ponies or whatever they are… It's the only place in the whole game that I really, REALLY hate!

  11. Gustavo D. says:

    Man, I often get three of those horses at a time. Trying to remain oriented of where you're going while dodging and fighting them is absolutely nuts. 

  12. Andy Fate says:

    Kill one fast enough and don't have to deal with 2 at the same time. Problem : They have a lot of health and armor after NG+++ 

  13. loolya3 says:

    wtf do not play this in ng7 they barely take damage and youll die trying to get to them there a fucking nightmare there not worth fighting wtf fromsoft what is this shit you think this is hard and challenging this doesn't come near the 2 when miyazaki was the director of des and dks1 this shit never happened ever since he left this game is fucked pve and pvp    if anyone can trade zallen and lud boss weapons with me  I ill trade with you fume knight weapons once I go into ng13 because the spiders killed ornifix  psn:loolya33

  14. Sam Johnson says:

    Souls of Darkness 

    Main Goal:
    Hunt 2 Stygian Zinogre
    Locale: Tundra (Night)
    Time Limit: 50 min.
    Environment: Unstable
    Reward: 24000z
    HR Points: 1590
    Contract Fee: 2100z
    Monsters: Popo, Giggi

  15. Cockermouth says:

    Why is fromsoft trying to shove these co-op areas down our throats? the first one was acceptable because it was easy enough to get past the poisonous enemies. And then fromsoft decided to ignore the players opinion about the  unpopular co-op and shoved TWO in to the second one

     but i'm at least going to say something positive about this co-op area, ive been born and raised in blizzards, so i kind of feel home in it and its a very pretty area, but it still does not justify the fact that fromsoft does not care about our opinions

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